July Class Schedule

July 13 (Thursday) Tree of Life Pendant – 6-9 pm, cost $30. Learn basic wire-wrapping techniques and how to incorporate beads to make this beautiful pendant. 

July 18 (Tuesday)   Scherzo Chain Maille Bracelet: 6-9 pm, cost $30.  Chain maille is an ancient technique of linking jump rings to form chain patterns. Also makes a wonderful charm bracelet.

July 20 (Thursday) Wire 101/ Wire wrapped Y Necklace – 6-9 pm, cost $30. Learn basic wire-wrapping techniques including creating jump rings, closed loops, chain making patterns and spiral cages to create your own unique wire-wrapped piece of jewelry.

July 24 (Monday)  Knotting – 6-9 pm, cost $30  Learn the traditional technique of knotting.  The idea behind knotting is to put a knot between each bead so that they don’t rub together. Should the strand break, you would only lose one bead. This is a great idea and adds quite a bit of value to the finished piece.   In class you will make either a multi strand bracelet or a necklace.

July 27 (Thursday) 6-9 pm Basic Stringing and Earrings – 6-9 pm cost $30.00.  Learn basic jewelry making techniques of string beads on wire and how to securely finish your jewelry.  You will also learn how to manipulate headpins to form beautiful earrings.  This class is full of information for the beginner or intermediate beader.


All class cost includes instruction and material to make your jewelry.  Classes must meet a minimum of 3 individuals for it to make.  Please register no later than 48 hours before scheduled class to ensure availability and confirmation that class will meet. 

Call 910-536-1497 to register.

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